We believe in cultivation of medical cannabis for production of natural, clean and user-friendly Cannabinoid products which are made with the purist ingredients for a truly consistent and reliable source of CBD.


We believe education is the answer to the worlds’ problems and aim to educate the worldon the history, the science, and the future of Cannabinoid treatment.


We believe that through facilitating strategic partnerships and continuous medical researchour products will provide a higher quality of life for patients, and their families, so everyone CANNLIV.


CANNLIV’s product engineers spent a year researching how CBD is absorbed into the body. We paired that research with the patient’s preferred methods of consuming products, resulting in our superior line of CANNLIV Hemp Extract products.

Coconut Premium Hemp Extracts

Try the newest flavor of hemp extract. Now available in coconut! Made with all natural coconut oil.

10mg/ml & 20mg/ml Activated Hemp Extract
Available in 15ml and 30ml Bottles

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The human body produces its own CBD naturally. It’s deficiency is thought to be directly related to many health disorders. The body's CBD binds to our ECS receptors and will imitate, increase, or reduce physiologic functions. Herbal CBD naturally mimics these same functions, and is the only known agents to actively modulate the entire Endocannabinoid system.

Through diagnostic molecular imaging of the patient and plant we are able to produce medical cannabis for the healthcare industry that is specific to each unique person and condition, creating a system of "integrated personalized medicine" which patients should come to expect from thier physician’s treatment plan.

Our scientists perform extensive cannabinoid profiling of our products, guaranteeing our hemp is microbial and pathogen free. This comprehensive testing sets the standard for what patients should expect in quality and safety of their medicine.


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